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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Photo Fiascoes with Kids

Breakfast burrito from Mexico Viejo eaten. Check. Fudge from the Fudge shop downtown. Check. Mother's Day gifts purchased. Check. Stopped at the animal shelter to look at dogs. Check. Hair fixed...uh...we'll skip that one. Pinstrosity done for the day...just about. Here...we'll just check that off next. 

We have two photo fiascoes for you today! The first is this viral photo done by Emily Garrison Photography.:

The Original Pin:
Isn't that cute? There is a lady at church who just had her first girl after a house full of boys and this made me think of them. It's a really cute idea. Sonya thought so too. People kept sending this pin to her for her to do with her 5 boys and new baby girl. She says, "so I set up and tried…yea this is the best shot we got. Lol."

The Pinstrosity:
I love the boys in the back...their faces are priceless! Especially the scowl. I think everyone has a picture with their siblings where someone has that look on their face. Oh this makes me smile and laugh, I love it. 

It makes me think of this Mother's Day video that I LOVE:

Seriously...that's how it works. I crack up every time. "Put down the yard stick!" Oh man. I love my siblings. Good thing I was never the obnoxious older sister, bwahahaha.

We also received a great photo fiasco submission from Molly. She said, "My sister and I wanted to take some new family pictures, and being amateur photographers we looked for ideas on pinterest. While taking her family pictures, I mentioned an idea I saw and pinned. I thought it would be cute since she is pregnant and has a darling two-year old."

The Original Pin:
"We were taking the pics in my brother's back yard, whose neighbors happen to have horses. My niece was getting bored of the picture taking process so my sister decided to move over to the fence so she could be entertained by the horses while we attempted the pose. Well, one of the horses was a little too friendly. Not only did the attempts to get the pose right failed, but the horse actually came up and nudged my sister on the behind, as you can see it heading right for her. We had a good laugh over the whole thing, though. We certainly created a memory, even if the pic didn't turn out exactly right."

The Pinstrosity:

This is one of those poses that looks easy, but it doesn't quite come together as naturally as you'd think it would. For anyone wanting to try this one, have the dad kneel right in front of the mom (right in front...close). then the mom doesn't have to lean over as far, meaning the dad doesn't have to lean in as much to kiss the belly, and the belly is a little more distinguishable for the photo. 

As far as keeping kids' attention during a shoot...that can be hard. Many times I'll just let them run and play and do what they want for a few minutes (because they will get bored with picture taking and holding still). A site I have gone back to over and over again for tips on taking pictures of kids and family with small children is Mom*Tog. I even bought her Un-posing guide and I LOVE it. For all you Moms and Photographers out there, her site is definitely worth checking out (and just so you know...we never get paid to do these shout outs. If we give you a site or product on here, it's because we truly do love it and we want to share the things we love). 

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. I'm sure thankful for my Mother, Mother-in-Law, and all the amazing women who have affected my life (my extra moms if you will). Give the great women in your life some extra love this weekend! 


  1. That is hilarious. I can not stop laughing!

  2. anyone else notice the horse joining the kissing action in the last photo??? lmaoooo too funny

  3. Those are my cute Nephews and my only niece (so far)! Love it! lol

  4. Those are my little nephews and my only niece (so far) CUTE!

  5. We tried the 2nd pose also when I was prego with #3 and ours didnt come out so great either haha. Smushed husbands face me smiling awkwardly and my son not wanting anything to do with kissing me! Haha oh Pinterest... At least the out takes were funny!!


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